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  • New Seattle Startup

    June 22nd, 2011 | | | | | | |

    logo-v2We just finished the phase I (branding) for a Seattle startup that is gearing up to provide a new online tool for parents. 

    More details to come…

    Hyper-Local Drupal SEO Campaign Strategy

    November 15th, 2010 | | | |

    Drupal Localized SEOWe worked with ValueAppeal.com in order to build a strategy around attracting visitors that were interested in property tax appeals.  Because tax appeals are done on a county specific basis it was important to utilize Drupal to create an architecture that would organize the information in localized areas to allow the search engines to adequately catalog and reference the tax information in the local context.


    8th result:

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    More Flash Games

    October 23rd, 2010 | | | |

    We worked in partnership with OysterDome Games again to produce 4 more Flash games.

    Dance Dance – Dance a jig with your friends at ZooMyGosh.Dance Dance
    RoShamBo – Play Rock, Paper, Scissors with your buddies.RoShamBo
    TicTacToe – The classic game – built into the ZMG multiplayer experience.TicTacToe
    TrunkShot – Shoot grenades at monkeys and create chain reactions.TrunkShot

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    UX Study – Usability Consulting for a Local Education Software Company

    July 15th, 2010 | | | |

    Usability StudyTeachTown, a company that produces educational software for children with Autism, leveraged our usability expertise to streamline their application. The main focus was on making the application easier to use for the facilitators to understand how to best use it to help their children.

    We interviewed the company and analyzed their software for big picture improvements as well as low hanging fruit.  Our study yielded 66 recommendations and 11 pages of overall UX improvements. The following is a quick excerpt:

    RECOMMENDATION 46: Create a PDF styled icon next to the Recommended Off Computer Lessons (replacing the blue circle butterfly) to demonstrate this is a downloadable PDF (see other PDF download sites). [High Impact, Easy Difficulty]

    Physics Based Flash Development with Editor

    May 14th, 2010 | | | | | |

    We once again teamed up with Oysterdome Games to produce a 2d adventure game based in a simulated physics engine. The framework for the game was developed to allow for multiple environment settings and assets. This will allow multiple games to be produced out of the same system.

    Balloon Trip
    physics based game development

    Starfish Survival
    2d flash game



    The game features an emulator/editor mode that allows for the creation of new levels and testing sound and behaviors for items, obstacles and enemies.

    2d flash game

    The game comes with a set of predefined features such as Colliders (for detecting collisions), Health (lose too much, you die), Destroy (destroy another item), Patrol (move between two points), Impluse (like a fan), and many others.

    2d flash game


    There is also a library where items can be previewed and placed into the game. This allows for external editing of animations and assets, then they are pulled into the game and given behaviors to make them interact with the engine.


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    Social Media – Libraries For Literacy

    April 11th, 2010 | | | | |

    flash profile wall

    We created a demo site for Libraries for Literacy which is intended to generate interest and funding to create a site that will promote literacy as well as allow people to social networking siteshare the books they love. The site will allow users to create reading lists of recommended books and promote the purchase of these books, the proceeds of which will promote literacy worldwide. We created a reader’s wall prototype where you can browse a wall of profile photos as well as a rough shell for the site.

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    A/B Testing – Convincing a homeowner to lower their assessment

    March 22nd, 2010 | | | | |

    Does anyone want to think of their home as potentially worth less than it is? No, but if you can prove to a county assessor that it is, it could result in thousands of dollars in savings.

    Acting as CTO of ValueAppeal I had to design a campaign to not only appeal to this argument but test one or two iterations and determine which is more affective.

    SAVINGS view

    a/b test Ba/b test A


    We decided to appeal to two psychological aspects that we identified, being treated unfairly by the county, and the fact that you can do something about it.

    But in addition we had to also educate the person about how it works and that they can actually save money at no risk to them.

    Testimonials: Others are doing it… And they are saving money.
    a/b test testimonials
    Risk Free: If you don’t save money you get a full refund
    a/b test quarantee

    What do I get? Give them a taste of what they are purchasing.
    a/b test sample

    How does this work? Give them a taste of how this all works.
    a/b test data

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    From Wireframes to Design Candidate

    February 16th, 2010 | | | |

    The TeachFirst design project was cancelled mid-project but we thought we would share the design process as it shows how we work with our clients, through several reviews to produce a design that is both high quality as well as fits the unique look the client is looking for. Note: the review starts at the bottom of the page.

    Design Candidate
    preliminary design concept


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    Flash Game Development – Home Run Derby

    January 5th, 2010 | | | | |

    flash physics developmentflash baseball game development

    We worked with Oysterdome games to create an interactive home run derby game. Built in Flash and Flex, we created a mock physics engine to render the ball flying through the air and simulated the zooming and panning. After you smack the ball to the camera will follow it like a real baseball game. See how many home runs you can hit before striking out.

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    Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar Sync

    December 28th, 2009 | | |


    If you have an Android like I do, or just use both Google Calendars and Outlook at work you have been stuck managing two calendars. Until now… Google has released a simple sync tool that will keep your two calendars synced up.Google Calendar Sync will automatically sync to Microsoft Outlook.

    Install Google Calendar Sync and choose 2-way (Sync both your Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook events with each other).

    Download and Instructions »

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