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Our Approach

We believe that your company image and goals are unique which makes development of your site a combination of our expertise and your vision. Development is an organic and collaborative effort between your team and ours, developed specifically to meet your goals and objectives.

With marketing and design-oriented projects, planning and design reviews are paramount. However in application development projects a focus on usability and “how the site works” may be most important. We adapt and adjust based on your needs and vision.

Our process is as follows:

Our Process

Definition & Scope

Short term and long term objectives are determined for the site such as: launch dates, target audience and timeframe. Any specific hosting requirements or development complexities are identified and documented.
Typical Deliverables: Proposal/Estimate

Information Collaboration

We take a quick inventory of what content, if any, might be taken from current collateral such as an existing web site, brochures, product information, etc. This step also helps to determine what additional content is needed for the site including new content, photography or other assets.
Requirements: Existing Images, Content, etc.

Site Architecture

The expected user types, industry and competition are researched and we help you decide what information will be presented to the site’s audience. We help develop a site architecture/map, which works as an outline for the site, that determines basic navigation and overall site structure giving any content writers clear objectives as to what content should be created.
Typical Deliverables: Site Map, Functional Documentation, Content Documentation

Design and Review

Static roughs/wire frames are created of the home page and multiple sub-pages. Initially this is to communicate and decide on a direction of the design. Then through a review process, starting with the Initial Design Direction, pages are fleshed out to determine how they will work across multiple navigation layers. The final design is then signed off on.
Typical Deliverables: Initial Design Direction, Design Reviews

Site/Application Development

Development (coding) begins based on the Functional Documentation and design compositions we will ensure that all aspects of navigation and functionality meet expectations. The site is then populated with content and Switch collaborates with the client on multiple levels during the build process via site reviews which ensure quality control of content and functionality.
Typical Deliverables: Site Reviews, Prototypes

Testing and Deployment

The site is tested for usability, browser constraints, content accuracy and overall functionality. When it is deemed stable, it is deployed to the established hosting environment and is viewable to the general public.
Typical Deliverables: Final Website, All Code and Production Assets

Marketing & Metrics

Standard SEO considerations are a part of any production effort but some clients will want to be a bit more proactive planning terms and content organization in order to be more Search Engine ‘visible’. In addition we work with your team to design pay-per-click campaigns, blogging efforts, cross-linking and other approaches.
Typical Deliverables: SEO Strategy, Google Analytics, AdWords


For application as well as some websites we recommend regular maintenance to ensure prompt response to any unexpected issues and ensure long term success. Additionally we provide training on how to maintain your website or for any 3rd party tools used in development.

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