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    Twitter Feed API Integration

    April 23rd, 2009 | | |

    Twitter APIWe integrated with the Twitter API so our feed now shows up on our homepage. It is a simple script that connects and translates the latest info which can be implemented in PHP, .NET, Javascript, etc…

    Save On Your Property Taxes – web development

    March 20th, 2009 | | | | | | | |

    Value Appeal Comparables

    Switch Development and ValueAppeal have partnered up to provide a quick and easy way for home owners to evaluate whether or not their property tax valuations are accurate. We believe homeowners are at a disadvantage when it comes to challenging their property tax valuations. ValueAppeal levels the playing field by providing and analyzing property data so our customers don’t have to.

    The technology searches public records and finds comparable homes to yours that sold for less than your assessment. Then it helps the user define the appropriate information and evidence to submit an appeal. We expect an Alpha release in early May.

    More coming soon…

    AT&T U-verse – Yahoo Maps API

    February 27th, 2009 | | | |

    uverse yahoo maps APILeveraging the Yahoo Maps API we created a zip code look up tool to analyze AT&T U-verse coverage for individuals. Because we needed full zip codes (i.e. 98101-3232), and most people do not know their zip+4, we used the Yahoo API to have it normalize the address. This allowed us to effectively guage coverage at a smaller fidelity.

    The service is only available to internal teams however we would be more than happy to show a demo in person.

    Connected TV Films – web development and API integration

    September 10th, 2008 | | | | |

    web development and flash developmentWe leveraged our web development experience and previous work with Google APIs to create a multimedia rich site that integrates directly with MSN Soapbox. Similar to Google’s YouTube, Soapbox allows a suite of services available through their API allowing us to manage the videos and stream them from the MSN site and take advantage of commenting and rating the videos on our site as well as theirs. In addition, it implements the Windows Live authentication service.

    We worked together with Pixelube and their design team to create a multimedia rich experience for the user.

    Visit ConnectedTVFilms.com »

    CondoCompare – Developing a real estate search engine

    April 11th, 2008 | | | | | | | |

    web search engine

    Joining the CondoCompare team in 2006, we helped design and develop a real estate search engine that made sense for condominiums. We organized varying means of retrieving data from varying real estate sources and created tools for them to organize the listing information in ways that would make sense to users: condo units in the context of condo buildings.

    ajax compare condosIn addition we strategized and developed, what was at the time, a new methodology for AJAX.  A search engine that retained the search history within an asynchronous environment.  This made searching fast and intuitive allowing people to find the condos in the areas they were interested with the criteria they desired and with the tools to quick-save a picklist to review or compare when they were ready.

    In addition we added community related aspects such as commenting, reviewing and involved the participation of condo agents themselves to provide a more comprehensive informational resource for prospective buyers.

    community web designWe worked with CondoCompare building their technology from the ground up using .NET, SQL Server, .NET AJAX and our own custom built AJAX solutions.  We architected an SEO system that would deliver individual condos and hot condo areas to search engines making page 1 on many regional real estate searches.  We also helped craft effective marketing campaigns and assisted in developing their brand.

    Find condos at CondoCompare »

    Phone Sherpa – MySpace Flash widget development

    September 20th, 2006 | | | | | | |

    We developed a widget that integrated with PhoneSherpa web services that allowed the ability to sell and distribute ringtones on any web site. It was specifically developed to be used by bands and others to share mobile content on their MySpace profile page though it works anywhere. Including here.

    You can preview audio files and wallpapers and has a custom built e-commerce system to allow the purchase from the remote site. If you order them, the PhoneSherpa service will send it directly to your phone. Quick, easy and portable.

    Try it »



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