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    UI Design – Corelytics Screens

    October 11th, 2009 | | | | |

    We recently helped refine some of the UI design for Corelytics before a major release. The following are a few samples of some of the statistic screens. In addition to some information architecture we also created a few Javascript powered calculators which help the users setup their data configurations.

    UI Design

    Net-Inspect – web site redesign

    December 20th, 2008 | | | | | |

    We have worked with Net-Inspect helping them to create a more streamlined brand for their website and software-as-service applications.  Through a series of campaigns, starting with a complete overhaul of their Net-Inspect product user interface, we have been able to give their subscribers a richer user experience as well as consult on making the features more efficient and usable.

    In addition we have worked with their team to create marketing reports, kiosk demonstration displays, statistical analysis and visual solutions to manufacturing scheduling problems. 

    yahoo-store-integration1Most recently we have been redesigning their product marketing site and integrating a commerce engine that will allow them to sell their products and services online.  Leveraging Yahoo Store, we are able to get their offerings up and running in a short amount of time for a very reasonable price.

    Corelytics: A Quick Books reporting dashboard

    August 10th, 2008 | | | | | | |


    ConnexIT brought on Switch Development to help architect an interactive reporting interface and dashboard that allows small and medium business owners that use Quick Books to analyze and forecast their financial data.  Using .NET, we were able to rapidly build the UI architecture in concert with a third party Flash based graphing tool. We then created a custom AJAX navigational system making access to the different reports fast and intuitive.


    Working with Corelytics, we were able to create and present several meaningful analytical views into a business’ current financial scenario as well as create some predictable outlooks to help business owners act and react properly to how their company is really operating.

    Find out more at Corelytics.com »

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