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    Net-Inspect – web site redesign

    December 20th, 2008 | | | | | |

    We have worked with Net-Inspect helping them to create a more streamlined brand for their website and software-as-service applications.  Through a series of campaigns, starting with a complete overhaul of their Net-Inspect product user interface, we have been able to give their subscribers a richer user experience as well as consult on making the features more efficient and usable.

    In addition we have worked with their team to create marketing reports, kiosk demonstration displays, statistical analysis and visual solutions to manufacturing scheduling problems. 

    yahoo-store-integration1Most recently we have been redesigning their product marketing site and integrating a commerce engine that will allow them to sell their products and services online.  Leveraging Yahoo Store, we are able to get their offerings up and running in a short amount of time for a very reasonable price.

    Super Geek League

    July 31st, 2007 | | | | | | | |

    sgl web developmenWorking together with the talented design firm Pixelube we created an interactive experience for the Seattle band, Super Geek Leage, and their fans. A place where the fans can come to blog, taunt each other, listen to SGL songs in an interactive album as well as connect and share pictures and thoughts with each other.

    The members of the band each play a role in this mythos, with a unique character profile describing strenghts and weaknesses to create an experience that stretches beyond the music into the strange world, invented by the Super Geek Leage. The long term vision for the site is to develop into a game, The Battle for Supremacy, a community oriented, king of the hill type challenge.

    Visit SuperGeekLeague.com »

    PhoneSherpa Ringtone Editor – Flash development

    February 12th, 2007 | | | | | | |

    PhoneSherpa.com hired Switch Development to create a Flash ringtone editor that could be used on their website as well as external sites for white labeling. The widget allowed for the uploading of audio files, editing for proper ringtone length, then checkout including interfacing with the PhoneSherpa e-commerce engine and delivering the final ringtone to the user’s phone.

    The following are two stages of the process:

    PhoneSherpa ringtone editor Flash widget

    Visit PhoneSherpa.com » (use the demo in the bottom right of the page)

    Phone Sherpa – MySpace Flash widget development

    September 20th, 2006 | | | | | | |

    We developed a widget that integrated with PhoneSherpa web services that allowed the ability to sell and distribute ringtones on any web site. It was specifically developed to be used by bands and others to share mobile content on their MySpace profile page though it works anywhere. Including here.

    You can preview audio files and wallpapers and has a custom built e-commerce system to allow the purchase from the remote site. If you order them, the PhoneSherpa service will send it directly to your phone. Quick, easy and portable.

    Try it »



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