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    More Flash Games

    October 23rd, 2010 | | | |

    We worked in partnership with OysterDome Games again to produce 4 more Flash games.

    Dance Dance – Dance a jig with your friends at ZooMyGosh.Dance Dance
    RoShamBo – Play Rock, Paper, Scissors with your buddies.RoShamBo
    TicTacToe – The classic game – built into the ZMG multiplayer experience.TicTacToe
    TrunkShot – Shoot grenades at monkeys and create chain reactions.TrunkShot

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    Social Media – Libraries For Literacy

    April 11th, 2010 | | | | |

    flash profile wall

    We created a demo site for Libraries for Literacy which is intended to generate interest and funding to create a site that will promote literacy as well as allow people to social networking siteshare the books they love. The site will allow users to create reading lists of recommended books and promote the purchase of these books, the proceeds of which will promote literacy worldwide. We created a reader’s wall prototype where you can browse a wall of profile photos as well as a rough shell for the site.

    View the Wall »


    Flash Game Development – Home Run Derby

    January 5th, 2010 | | | | |

    flash physics developmentflash baseball game development

    We worked with Oysterdome games to create an interactive home run derby game. Built in Flash and Flex, we created a mock physics engine to render the ball flying through the air and simulated the zooming and panning. After you smack the ball to the camera will follow it like a real baseball game. See how many home runs you can hit before striking out.

    Check out the game »

    Flash Development – Soccer Shootout

    October 7th, 2009 | | | |


    As a part of the ZooMyGosh.com world we worked with Oysterdome Games to create a soccer shootout based in a Flex 3D engine, where you choose from 4 meters to lob or curve the ball past opponents and into the desired target. As you continue the game gets harder and harder.

    Check out the game »

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