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    Free Voicemail to Text For Android Using Google Voice

    October 4th, 2009 | | |

    This isn’t typically what we write in our blog but this was so fantastic we had to share it. After researching many voice to text apps for the Android we ran across some folks talking about using Google Voice to send text messages. Then we dug around and found some people chatting that this was possible. It IS POSSIBLE and pretty simple. The following are instructions for the Android (G1) phone on a T-Mobile network but we suspect you can do it on other phones just as easy.

    Step 1 – Get Google Voice

    Get a Google Voice account. If you don’t already have one, you have to request an account: https://services.google.com/fb/forms/googlevoiceinvite/

    Step 2 – Setup Google Voice

    1. Settings / Phones – Add your Cell Phone to the account
    2. Setup your Google account’s voice mail greeting (I did this on my phone by calling the number and following instructions)
    3. Settings / Account – Setup your time zone
    4. Settings / Voicemail & SMS Settings / Voicemail Notifications – to Email or SMS to your Mobile (whatever you prefer)
    5. Settings / Voicemail & SMS Settings / Transcribe Voicemails – TURN ON
    6. Settings / Calls / Enable screening – TURN OFF (unless you want this)
    7. Settings / Calls / Call Presentations – TURN OFF (unless you want this)
    8. Settings / Calls / Caller ID = Display caller’s number (or you won’t know who it is)

    Step 3 – Setup Your Phone

    Make sure you write down all your original settings in case you change your mind.

    1. Create a contact called “VOICEMAIL” with your Google Voice number (so you recognize these texts)
    2. Create a contact for yourself with your cell phone number and select – Incoming calls – send directly to voicemail
    3. Settings / Call Settings / Voicemail Number to your Google Voice number (FIRST RECORD THE ORIGINAL SETTING SO YOU CAN SET IT BACK)
    4. Setting / Call Settings / GSM call settings / Call forwarding / Forward when busy, unanswered and when unreachable to your Google Voice number (FIRST RECORD THE ORIGINAL SETTING SO YOU CAN SET IT BACK)
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