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    Seattle Startup, Value Appeal, Launches

    July 1st, 2009 | | | | | | | | |

    Our Lead Technologist, Matt Willis, has partnered up with Charlie Walsh to help found ValueAppeal. A site that helps home owners evaluate and challenge their property taxes.web-development-va-home

    Property taxes are expensive, and with the fall in housing prices across the nation, your taxes are more likely than ever to have been assessed unfairly in relation to other homes in your area. startup-architecture-va-resultsThat can add up to hundreds and thousands of dollars in overpayment each year–and the problem is, most people won’t see a refund unless they speak up.

    We architected a service that allows people to simply enter their address and we analyze and make a suggested evaluation on a fair tax evaluation.

    If the user chooses to move on there is a series of tools they use to select their comparables and create their argument.property-records-va-comps

    The site is developed on the .NET platform and aggregates data from various property data sources into SQL Server where it is compiled and analyzed.

    Check your property today »

    Save On Your Property Taxes – web development

    March 20th, 2009 | | | | | | | |

    Value Appeal Comparables

    Switch Development and ValueAppeal have partnered up to provide a quick and easy way for home owners to evaluate whether or not their property tax valuations are accurate. We believe homeowners are at a disadvantage when it comes to challenging their property tax valuations. ValueAppeal levels the playing field by providing and analyzing property data so our customers don’t have to.

    The technology searches public records and finds comparable homes to yours that sold for less than your assessment. Then it helps the user define the appropriate information and evidence to submit an appeal. We expect an Alpha release in early May.

    More coming soon…

    ZooMyGosh – developing an interactive Flash game

    February 6th, 2009 | | | | | |

    flash development

    We began working with Oyster Dome Games in the fall of 2008 to help put together a project plan and scope for the ZooMyGosh interactive chat room game.  We are excited to announce that we have been brought on board to develop the Flash technology, multiplayer engine and website.

    The game will provide an interactive experience for kids allowing them to create their own avatars, meet up with friends to chat, play games, participate in online school curriculum and earn Schmecklas allowing them to customize their wardrobe and homes.

    More to come…

    Corelytics: A Quick Books reporting dashboard

    August 10th, 2008 | | | | | | |


    ConnexIT brought on Switch Development to help architect an interactive reporting interface and dashboard that allows small and medium business owners that use Quick Books to analyze and forecast their financial data.  Using .NET, we were able to rapidly build the UI architecture in concert with a third party Flash based graphing tool. We then created a custom AJAX navigational system making access to the different reports fast and intuitive.


    Working with Corelytics, we were able to create and present several meaningful analytical views into a business’ current financial scenario as well as create some predictable outlooks to help business owners act and react properly to how their company is really operating.

    Find out more at Corelytics.com »

    Vera Fitness: a personal training studio designed for women

    May 15th, 2008 | | | | | | | |

    Seattle fitness web designVera Fitness, a Seattle based women’s fitness clinic, approached Switch Development needing a website that was true to their brand, that engaged their potential clients and that provided users with the ability to create appointments online.  We researched the available CMS systems and tools for scheduling but determined that a custom solution would be more affordable and cater better to their business. 

    community photosUsing .NET and SQL Server we created a custom scheduling and client management tool which, after a few phases over the last few months, now provides Vera Fitness trainers the ability to engage their clients, access their progress and keep record of goals and performance.

    In addition we integrated the site with Flickr.com and created a custom blog so that Vera clients can stay in touch with each other.

    Visit VeraFitness.com »

    CondoCompare – Developing a real estate search engine

    April 11th, 2008 | | | | | | | |

    web search engine

    Joining the CondoCompare team in 2006, we helped design and develop a real estate search engine that made sense for condominiums. We organized varying means of retrieving data from varying real estate sources and created tools for them to organize the listing information in ways that would make sense to users: condo units in the context of condo buildings.

    ajax compare condosIn addition we strategized and developed, what was at the time, a new methodology for AJAX.  A search engine that retained the search history within an asynchronous environment.  This made searching fast and intuitive allowing people to find the condos in the areas they were interested with the criteria they desired and with the tools to quick-save a picklist to review or compare when they were ready.

    In addition we added community related aspects such as commenting, reviewing and involved the participation of condo agents themselves to provide a more comprehensive informational resource for prospective buyers.

    community web designWe worked with CondoCompare building their technology from the ground up using .NET, SQL Server, .NET AJAX and our own custom built AJAX solutions.  We architected an SEO system that would deliver individual condos and hot condo areas to search engines making page 1 on many regional real estate searches.  We also helped craft effective marketing campaigns and assisted in developing their brand.

    Find condos at CondoCompare »


    September 9th, 2007 | | | | |

    indie films websiteWe helped IndieShares launch their pilot site that seeks to provide independent film writers a portal to support and production funding while at the same time allowing film enthusiasts the ability to personally invest in scripts that they love.

    Visit IndieShares.com »

    Super Geek League

    July 31st, 2007 | | | | | | | |

    sgl web developmenWorking together with the talented design firm Pixelube we created an interactive experience for the Seattle band, Super Geek Leage, and their fans. A place where the fans can come to blog, taunt each other, listen to SGL songs in an interactive album as well as connect and share pictures and thoughts with each other.

    The members of the band each play a role in this mythos, with a unique character profile describing strenghts and weaknesses to create an experience that stretches beyond the music into the strange world, invented by the Super Geek Leage. The long term vision for the site is to develop into a game, The Battle for Supremacy, a community oriented, king of the hill type challenge.

    Visit SuperGeekLeague.com »

    PhoneSherpa Ringtone Editor – Flash development

    February 12th, 2007 | | | | | | |

    PhoneSherpa.com hired Switch Development to create a Flash ringtone editor that could be used on their website as well as external sites for white labeling. The widget allowed for the uploading of audio files, editing for proper ringtone length, then checkout including interfacing with the PhoneSherpa e-commerce engine and delivering the final ringtone to the user’s phone.

    The following are two stages of the process:

    PhoneSherpa ringtone editor Flash widget

    Visit PhoneSherpa.com » (use the demo in the bottom right of the page)

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